We Need to Fix This Now

In May 2019, Intergroup initiated an awareness campaign about learning gaps in schools, and solutions to related problems. The key learnings from the piece are as follows: Learning Gaps We have massive learning gaps in our schools, and those gaps are getting worse because we have growing numbers of children being born into the low end of those gaps, and [...]

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Three Key Years Launches a Grandparent’s Campaign

In May 2019, launched a Grandparent’s Campaign to raise awareness regarding how Grandparents have the unique ability to very directly help their grandchildren build stronger brains and a sense of being emotionally secure. Babies learn by interacting with trusted adults. The Three Key Years Grandparent’s Campaign provides tools and content that can be shared among new parents and grandparents. [...]

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Cuddling Actually Strengthens Your Baby’s Genes

Amazing new science about the huge value and the direct immediate impact and the powerful long-term benefit that results from cuddling our children in the first weeks and months of life now shows us that our genetic programing actually changes in a positive way for children who are cuddled. That is an amazing discovery. Epigenetics are now relevant and [...]

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Dr. Nadine Burke Harris Writes a Brilliant Book on Adverse Childhood Experiences

More than 3 million people have watched Dr. Nadine Burke Harris’s TED Talk on adverse childhood experiences and her insights as a scientist, pediatrician, therapist, healer, and mother. People watch and re-watch her TED Talk because it is so powerfully persuasive and incredibly informative about the impact of adverse childhood experiences on us all. Dr. Vincent Felitti and his team [...]

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Not Teaching Parents About Early Brain Development Is A Massive and Damaging Public Health Failure

The biggest single public health deficit and failure in America today is the fact that almost no parents of newborn children have been told or taught that they can improve their child’s learning abilities significantly by exercising their baby’s brain in the first three years of life. The basic biological science on that issue is absolutely clear — and almost [...]

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If California Truly Cares about Children, the State will Improve Family Leave

The most important gift California can give to fathers, mothers, and most importantly, newborn children this Father’s Day is a strong parental leave policy – one that allows parents to take job-protected time off to care for their newborns in the crucial first few months of life. Parental leave cannot be discussed only as a job benefit for adults. It’s [...]

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