February is such a celebratory month… Especially because it’s Black History Month!

Did you know there are a number of wonderful books for children that celebrate and honor babies born as a beautiful Black child? What a perfect time to discover some of those books to read to your little ones every day. Check out a small selection below.

For moms, dads, grandparents and loving family members… here is some really important news to share with everyone… It’s NEVER too early to start sharing the love of reading with your child.

Did you know that reading to your baby from birth helps billions of neurons connect in your baby’s brain as it begins to develop on DAY ONE?

Science now knows, more than ever before, how life-altering certain activities such as talking, reading and cuddling are for the first three key years of EVERY baby’s life… from the moment they’re born.

Those very first THREE KEY YEARS of every child’s life contribute most significantly to EVERY child’s lifelong trajectory.

Those very neurons that are building life-altering connections every moment of your baby’s life form most critically from birth through their first three years. They are the essential building blocks for your baby’s brain.  The more those neurons connect, the stronger your child’s brain becomes… for life.

And science tells us those life-empowering activities that you and other loving adults in your child’s world are simple to incorporate into your everyday routines. As little as 15 minutes a day is a wonderful start to build and strengthen your baby’s brain from birth!

Talking, reading, playing, counting, singing and cuddling are ALL activities you can do every day with your child to help those neurons do their job to build a long-lasting, super-strong brain.

Reading to your little one from the day they’re born is one of the most extraordinary gifts you, and every special person who loves your child, can give them for life… because it helps their brains grow big and strong!

The more you help your child develop a strong brain, the more opportunities you give them to be strong and resilient for their entire life.

And here’s another bonus… if you have older kids, they each have the opportunity to bond with their younger siblings by reading to and with them. These special moments help to reinforce their own knowledge of how very special they are.

We pulled together a sampling of wonderful books for every age to celebrate Black History Month.

Take a look at a few suggestions below. All are available on Amazon and potentially at your local library. In fact, ask your local librarian what children’s books they have available to celebrate Black History Month!

You can also look at some selected titles from last year’s post celebrating Black History Month by clicking here!