Books for Black History Month – 2024

February is such a celebratory month… Especially because it’s Black History Month! Did you know there are a number of wonderful books for children that celebrate and honor babies born as a beautiful Black child? What a perfect time to discover some of those books to read to your little ones every day. Check out a small selection below. [...]

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Resources for Free Books

Reading is a fundamental building block for every child’s brain. Developing good reading habits is key to building neural pathways in your child's brain, and is a key indicator to a successful life.  Having a library of books in your home will encourage both you and your child to engage in reading activities. There are many resources available to [...]

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Breastfeeding Helps Build Strong Brains

August is National Breastfeeding Month. Several studies have now shown that the children who have been breastfed also tend to be better learners and tend to have, on average, stronger brains. That is new information and it is anchored in the new brain science that we are learning from current research about the impact of direct experience on each [...]

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Hey Dad! You Hold Super Powers for Helping Your Baby to Build a Super Strong Brain for Life

DAD… Today’s the day we celebrate all that you do, all the roles you play, and all the love and care you give to your family. You are truly a SUPERHERO by every measure. Of all the important roles you play in your child’s life, did you know you have another SUPERHERO ability you may be taking for granted? [...]

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Five Activities to Help your Newborn Build a Stronger Brain

Interacting with your child is a great way to bond, and help to build your child’s brain. In the first three years of life, the child is building billions of neurons which help the child have a better life. The specific ways we interact with our children can have a profound effect on their cognitive development. And as we [...]

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Books for Black History Month

February is Black History Month. More than a date on the calendar, this is an opportunity to seek out the stories of our past that shape our culture, and become active participants in creating our cultural narrative. Black history is American history. February is the month that we are reminded to recognize and integrate our rich American cultural heritage. Young [...]

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