The holidays offer a special opportunity to develop a child’s brain. A child’s brain is more than 80% developed by the time they are three years old. This is proven by science.

From birth to three years old, billions of neuron connections are made in your child’s brain. When parent’s and loving, trusted family members talk, read, play, count and sing with your child, they are helping to develop a strong brain which will benefit your child immensely throughout their education, and as well improve their overall life trajectory.

Give Your Baby the Best Start to Building a Strong Brain and a Happy, Healthy Life

  • Educate your family and loved ones. Explain to them the importance of talking, playing, reading, counting, and singing.
  • Talk to them about the science behind these activities. Ask your family to participate when they are visiting, and even give them specific ways to interact.
  • Ask grandparents, cousins and more to play with baby. Not only does this build a strong brain in the child, it builds strong bonds within the family, and creates new ways and traditions for the family to interact.

Holiday Magic

The holidays are a time wonder for a child and family bonding. This sets the stage for special interactions with the family. How about holiday themed toys? There are countless holiday books for children, and this is a wonderful opportunity to teach your child about your own holiday traditions, and also introduce traditions from other cultures. Every culture has songs to celebrate the holidays, so learn your favorite song, and sing with your child.

So this holiday season, give a young child the ultimate holiday gift: a strong brain that will give them an advantage throughout her/his lifetime.

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