Whose mommy loves her most.The bond between a mother and child is immeasurable.

In honor of Mother’s Day, May 9, 2021, we want to acknowledge and thank all mothers for your unconditional love, care, support and everything you do!

Reading to a child in her/his first three years will help her/him to develop a stronger brain. During these Three Key Years, billions of neurons are developed. These neural pathways will give your child advantages for learning and emotional wellbeing throughout his/her lifetime.

For expecting moms and new moms, we have a very special e-book to share with you.

“Whose Mommy Loves Her Baby the Most” was lovingly illustrated by Josephine and Theone Davis, a daughter and mother creative team. This book was created as a gift to share with your little ones, reminding them of the love all mothers have for their babies.

You can download the e-book, for free, here.

Please join us in spreading the message that every parent can help their child to develop a strong brain for life by exercising their baby’s brain through positive, direct, loving interaction in their first days, weeks, months and Three Key Years of life. You can share all the resources available at ThreeKeyYears.org with fellow moms and grandmoms (pssst… share with dads, granddads and more as well)!

On this Mother’s Day, and every day, strengthen the loving bond you have with your child by talking, reading, and playing with your baby.