DAD Carrying Baby On Shoulders

Dad, Be a Superhero and Learn How to Build a Powerful Brain for Your Baby!

Dad, you can help to build a strong brain for your baby and toddler. When you interact directly with your child to talk and play, you actually build billions of neuron connections in your baby’s brain. You really are “Superman” for your baby because you are the trusted hero that helps your baby grow a stronger brain!

Learn about this amazing new science

It is amazing new science. Every interaction you have directly with your child actually contributes to their brain growth. Billions of neurons connect in your child’s brain every time you talk directly as a loving adult to your child. As a trusted adult and loving father, you can make a huge difference for your child that creates major benefits for their entire life. Every time you are able to Talk. Read. Play. Count. or Sing. with your child in those first months and years of life builds brain connections that will literally help them for their entire life.

Fun activity with your baby is a powerful brain building function

Some fathers think that the play time and the talk time they have with their child is just a pleasant thing to do. It is much more than pleasant. It builds neuron connections at a rapid rate in the brain of the child. It is important time because caring, direct interactions and talking directly in loving ways to your child makes a real difference in the future capabilities of your child—even when he or she might not appear to be responding in ways that look like your child is understanding the words or listening to the conversation.

Dad, explore the sections below that we have assembled for you. What you learn here will help you become a real SuperHero for helping to build a stronger, more powerful brain for your baby or toddler. At the same time, you’ll also be giving them the wonderful gift of emotional resilience that will benefit them for their lifetime.

You’re on your way to SuperHero status as you learn more below and power up your brain-building arsenal…

Talk, Read and Count with Your Baby

Your baby’s brain is developing billions of important brain-boosting neurons every single moment you spend interacting with them in a loving, stimulating way. Talking, Reading and Counting with them is providing your baby with super brain power for life.

Learn the New Brain Science

Learning about the importance of direct, positive interaction in the first three key years of a baby’s life helps build stronger brains.

Sing and Play in Your Own Way

The special time you give to your child at play is not only fun for you both, but is also stimulating neuron production and building wonderful emotional resilience for them at the same time.

Skin to Skin Contact is a Wonderful Gift

The new brain science shows how critical it is for babies to have skin to skin contact from the moment they’re born. This helps to create a secure emotional foundation for your child for life while also building billions of essential neuron connections.

Media for Dads: Videos & Podcasts

We compile interesting and entertaining videos, plus informative podcasts, to help emphasize how your direct, loving interaction with your baby will ultimately have a profound effect on building a stronger brain.

Special Resources for Dads!

Parenting resources are super helpful… articles, blogs and resources ESPECIALLY for Dads is a double win. This section is especially for you! Check back regularly as we continue to add more.

Dads can make a huge difference in the life of their child

Mothers are wonderful and grandparents are really great and fathers are special. Be special for your child. Read, talk, count and sing with your child and your child will be happier, more ready for school and for the next levels of education, and your child will have the sense of self esteem that comes from knowing that her father is on her side.

It is good for every child to have a sense that their father is on their side. That can be done by doing the things recommended by this website—and there are huge benefits for neuron connectivity that will happen in the process that medical science did not understand very well until a very short time ago.

We now know that science. Use it as a loving father to make a better world for your child.