Reading is a fundamental building block for every child’s brain. Developing good reading habits is key to building neural pathways in your child’s brain, and is a key indicator to a successful life. 

Having a library of books in your home will encourage both you and your child to engage in reading activities. There are many resources available to you as a parent to obtain books, or trade out your library for fresh books, free of charge. We’ve compiled 6 of our favorites. 

 1. Imagination Library

Country singer Dolly Parton started this library in 1995, and it has mailed millions of books to families. You simply enter your zip code and find out if your area is serviced. If not you can apply to start a chapter. 

2. Little free library 

Little Free Library is a community book share program based in St. Paul, Minnesota. You may find similar programs in your area. 

3.  Local book banks 

Local book banks are another resource that provide information about how and where to obtain books, and to recycle or swap your books. 

4. Libraries and Bookmobiles

Your local library is an amazing resource for you and your child, as are book mobile programs located through the US. In addition to the books they have in inventory, they can often source books and have them delivered to a convenient location. Look up your local library online with your zip code. 

5. Free Kids Books

This online resource has an extensive selection of ebooks categorized by age, reading level, and subject. Dive in!

6. Unite for Literacy

When you visit the home page here you know you are in for an adventure. Books in wide array of topics, including family, animals, teacher, bugs, plants, etc. await you and child.