DAD… Today’s the day we celebrate all that you do, all the roles you play, and all the love and care you give to your family. You are truly a SUPERHERO by every measure.

Of all the important roles you play in your child’s life, did you know you have another SUPERHERO ability you may be taking for granted?

You have the SUPERHERO ability to help your child BUILD a super strong brain from the moment they’re born!

That may seem like a hero-sized job… but in fact your simple, loving, direct interactions with your baby help stimulate the creation of billions of neurons which lead to a stronger brain for life. 

From Birth Through Age Three

During what we call the THREE KEY YEARS, your baby’s brain is busy developing billions of neuron connections. These neurons are the very real building blocks that help to shape and strengthen your baby’s brain for life. The greatest thing of all is that these interactions are rooted in the simplest of activities… talking, reading, playing, counting, and singing with your child. Who knew that such wonderful, enjoyable interactions with your baby and child could result in such important brain development that they will carry with them for life?

Even 15 minutes a day helps super-size this neuron brain growth for your baby.

You’re likely already spending playtime when you get the chance. Your baby lights up when you come close and rub their nose with your own. And what SUPERHERO isn’t armed with the ability to tickle tummies and make soft cooing noises that melt your baby’s heart. Who knew this loving playtime was directly responsible for firing up neuron growth with each giggle and loving touch.

Every enjoyable activity you have the ability to do is helping to build a stronger brain for your child.

Talk.  Read.  Play.  Count.  Sing.  The Building Blocks for Your Baby’s Brain

Know that this time spent isn’t only enjoyable for you and your baby, it’s time you’re investing to provide your child with the gift of a stronger brain and healthy emotional resiliency. Your time spent providing direct, loving interactions today is the gift they will take with them for life.

The Three Key Years website is full of valuable, easy-to-access information and resources. 

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  • Check out our Parent Toolkit for more ideas and resources. (Click here for Parent Toolkit)
  • We even have a special section just for YOU, Dad… because we want to remind you that your playful SUPER POWERS are key to helping nurture and build your baby’s brain for a bright, happy, healthy lifetime. (Click here for Tips for Dad!)

So Dad, we celebrate you today (and every day) for the SUPER HERO you are. Now you’re armed with the secret blueprint for helping your baby build a stronger brain for life. You the MAN!