More than 3 million people have watched Dr. Nadine Burke Harris’s TED Talk on adverse childhood experiences and her insights as a scientist, pediatrician, therapist, healer, and mother.

People watch and re-watch her TED Talk because it is so powerfully persuasive and incredibly informative about the impact of adverse childhood experiences on us all.

Dr. Vincent Felitti and his team of researchers at Kaiser Permanente showed the world an incredibly powerful and important link between adverse childhood experiences and our health as adults.

Dr. Burke Harris shows us what that research means to real children in real care settings, and gives us both policy and caregiving insights that make it impossible to think of taking care of children without factoring in those realities.

The good news is that she has now written a wonderful book that goes far beyond the TED Talk, and gives us information about her practice as a pediatrician in her ground-breaking inner-city clinic that we need to share with everyone who practices pediatric medicine in America.

Dr. Burke Harris’s book is called The Deepest Well: Healing the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Adversity, and her clearly stated goal is “to help individuals and communities break the intergenerational cycles of childhood adversity.”

Get the book.

Read the book.

Share the book.

Incorporate the key findings of Dr. Burke Harris’s book into your life as a parent, grandparent, educator, caregiver, policy thinker, and fellow human being.

The things she asks us to do are anchored in caring, respect, and deep concern about the horrible impact adverse experiences can have on people’s lives, and the powerful impact we can have if we do the right things.

Earlier writing from the Institute for InterGroup Understanding talked about the public health campaign opportunity that exists for helping parents get the right start.

The sense of urgency that we need to do the right things for each child inspired this English language tool kit for parents, and this sister Spanish language tool kit for parents and families.

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACE) needs to be diagnosed, addressed, dealt with, and understood.

Adverse childhood experiences need to be avoided whenever possible. and are about ACE avoidance.

The Deepest Well is about avoidance, therapy, and healing for the children who have ACE in their lives.

The country needs Dr. Burke Harris’s book — and it needs us all to share her TED Talk with everyone we know who cares deeply about our kids.