George Halvorson’s Huffington Post piece that was published on March 14, 2017 reveals new and important information about the impact of the first weeks and first months of life for every child. Now that we have that information and that knowledge — we need to share it in every way in order to change the lives of all children.

We used to believe that those very first time frames were largely irrelevant to the development of each child — and we used to believe that education began at kindergarten.

We were completely wrong on both of those beliefs. Brain development starts at a very intense level slightly before birth — and the children who have the right experiences in those first weeks, months, and years can have a major advantage over the children who do not have those same experiences. Children who are well nurtured, well comforted, and well fed in the first weeks and months of life clearly benefit from those interactions.

The Huffington piece was written to get that information out to the people who think about public policy issues for education, child development, and health status for children in our country, and to make it available to families who can use that information to change the future life trajectories for their children.

Please share this information directly with the families of children being born today in America.