Father playing with his daughter

Playtime Supercharges Your Baby’s Brain

Prior to learning about the new science on baby brain development, most people assumed that singing and playing with a child was basically an enjoyable activity for both adult and child. The new brain science teaches us that every opportunity for playtime is no longer a pleasurable luxury, but a critical time to increase neuron growth and connectivity in a child’s brain. Neuron connections by the billions happen with every interaction. This neuron growth is precisely what is required to build a stronger brain for your child for life.

  • Children and babies respond instantly to music and song. Sing fun, repetitive songs with your baby or toddler.
  • While driving, play tunes that she can recognize and sing along.
  • Don’t hesitate to sing along to songs that you prefer as well. Catchy current music is contagious and your toddler will likely enjoy learning the words along with you as you sing.
  • Music touches children in a magical way. Have fun singing and dancing along together while the activity promotes billions of new neuron connections for your baby’s brain.
  • Dancing is particularly expressive. You’ll find babies and children expressing themselves through movement when they cannot quite verbalize their joy just yet. At every stage from birth, activities that stimulate your child are producing important brain growth.
  • Where possible, play with him every day if you can. Even 15 minutes of direct, loving interaction in a playful setting creates astounding brain growth.
  • As this point from the BabyCenter’s “Top Tips for Dad” suggests, your style of play may be different than your partner’s, and that’s okay. Your baby will love playing with both of you and being different increases their ability to interact with a world that isn’t always exactly the same.