Grandparents Reading Book With Baby Granddaughter At Home

If you live nearby

If you are blessed to live nearby and have the opportunity to interact with your grandchildren on a regular basis, you and they are super lucky to be able to share direct, loving time together. Here are some activities that will give you the opportunity to directly help your grandbaby to build millions of neuron connections in their first three critical years of life.

  • Share skin to skin contact. Holding your grandchild and nuzzling them while talking and singing creates an explosion of neuron connectivity that helps build a strong brain and contributes to a deep sense of emotional wellbeing that will benefit them throughout their life.
  • Read a favorite book. Ask your grandchild to select a book that he loves and why it is special to him. Read it out loud together! There are very few things more magical for your grandchildren than their favorite books.
  • Sing and dance together. Sing a favorite song and dance and teach the words and moves to your grandchild. Singing can introduce young children to new vocabulary words.
  • Draw together. Draw a picture of a special day from your childhood. Describe why it was special and how it made you feel. Encourage your grandchild do the same.
  • Learn new words together. Teach your grandchild a word or phrase in the language you speak at home. By helping your grandchild build her vocabulary, her young mind will be ready to learn even more!

Sharing these conversations and activities together helps support early brain and language development. Your special time together is helping to shape a strong brain and will support their emotional development that will benefit them for life.