In May 2019, launched a Grandparent’s Campaign to raise awareness regarding how Grandparents have the unique ability to very directly help their grandchildren build stronger brains and a sense of being emotionally secure. Babies learn by interacting with trusted adults.

The Three Key Years Grandparent’s Campaign provides tools and content that can be shared among new parents and grandparents. The resources include: Information about being a trusted adult, the science behind early childhood brain development, how to be a family storyteller and advice for grandparents that live near or far.

Three Key Years is an awareness campaign created to educate parents, families, educators, policy makers, and community leaders about how important positive, direct interaction with a child in their first three years is to building a strong brain for life. Science has definitively shown that a child’s brain is more than 80% developed by the time he or she is three years old.

Three Key Years is an extension of the Institute for Intergroup Understanding. One of the objectives of the Institute is to develop intergroup understanding and trust — a way of creating trust is by saving our children.